Outer Wilds (Original Soundtrack) - Andrew Prahlow (2xLP Vinyl Record)


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While the acoustic comforts of a home stereo are typically recommended when listening to vinyl, Outer Wilds requires a different setting. You’ll want to lug your audio rig into the wilderness and plant it amongst nature, where you can truly soak yourself in darkness drenched star-gazing.

Composer Andrew Prahlow’s prolific score is the kind of hopeful, transcendent soundtrack that instantly readjusts your demeanor to a state of awe, reminding you just how vast the universe is. There’s no better way to explore your inner self — proverbially roasting marshmallows alongside banjo strumming — than with this beautiful, poignant masterpiece of an album. Even more secrets await within its grooves, but we’d be remiss in revealing those here and spoiling a delightful surprise.

  • 2xLP Black Hole Vinyl
  • Cloth-Wrapped, Tip-On Gatefold Jacket
  • Music by Andrew Prahlow
  • Album Art by Ian Jacobson
  • Mastered for Vinyl by Townsend Mastering



Side A
Timber Hearth
Outer Wilds
The Museum
Giant's Deep
End Times
22 Minutes

Side B
Main Title
The Nomai
The Sun Station
The Search
Nomai Ruines

Side C
The Ash Twin Project
The Uncertainty Principle
Dark Bramble
The Ancient Glade
Final Voyage

Side D
Let There Be Light
14.3 Billion Years
Campfire Song

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