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SOLE (Original Game Soundtrack) - Nabeel Ansari (Compact Disc)


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6-Panel Digipak. 
Album Art by Danielle Vuono, Jameela Wahlgren, and Nina Delucia
Album Design by Rozen, and Isa Alcántara


"Sole is my debut soundtrack as a game composer. I started working on it in the beginning of college, and through many personal hardships that tested the limits of my mind and emotional wellbeing, I learned a great many lessons that I believe can be expressed in the abstract nature of Sole's hidden narrative. It is a tale of searching through the dark, searching for purpose, uncovering the troubled past of the humanity that came before you, leading to personal maturation and the sense of responsibility that follows.

Not only is the soundtrack to Sole an embodiment of my personal growth, it is an embodiment of my growth as a musician as well. Each piece in Sole is, in a sense, a manifestation of being charmed by different influences in my life. You could say the stylistic variety is a narrative device, showing a fragmented identity eager to assimilate every new, exciting thing that it sees. A roster of amazing performers bring life to the soundtrack through various woodwinds, strings, vocals, and percussive sound design, and the score fuses traditional instrumentation with electronic sound design to create a truly unique sonic signature.

I can only hope experiencing the game and its music can be as fractionally rewarding to our audience as it is for us. I've witnessed the growth of not only the skills of my fellows at Gossamer Games, but their personalities and character, and their readiness for the confusing and unpredictable life ahead of them. In many ways, Sole was a catalyst for us to learn how to be ourselves. I don't think any experience in life can be considered more valuable than that."

-Nabeel Ansari



Nabeel Ansari: Composer, Producer
Gossamer Games: Album Art
Jett Galindo: Mastering Engineer

Album Art by Danielle Vuono, Jameela Wahlgren, and Nina Delucia
Album Design by Rozen, and Isa Alcántara

Kristin Naigus: Oboe, Bass Flute, English Horn, Clarinet
Laura Intravia: Flute, Alto Flute, Piccolo
Michaela Nachtigall: Violin, Viola
Ryan Thompson: Vocals
Tiggs: Vocals
Doug Perry: Percussion Ensemble

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