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Prescription for Sleep: Shovel Knight - GENTLE LOVE (Compact Disc)


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The premium CD release is limited to only 1,000 copies and features two CDs, a 6-panel digipak with silver foil print and includes a 20-page booklet with comics, interviews and a sticker sheet.

Limited edition of 1,000. (Not signed or serialized.)

"I’ve always wanted to do a volume dedicated to Shovel Knight given my friendship with and appreciation for the music of Jake Kaufman. Over the years Jake has worked on projects that Hibino-san has overseen and Hibino-san has always offered high praise for Jake’s talent, both in terms of speed and complexity of writing and distinct melodic sense. For that reason, I was really looking forward to giving Hibino-san the opportunity to prepare the ultimate tribute to Jake’s masterwork.

I wanted to wait until the expansions concluded, of course, and it was a rare treat to get to hear and arrange the King of Cards score prior to its release. It’s some of Jake’s best work to date. I’m happy to say we were able to include music from every expansion, and I hope listeners enjoy the many flavors GENTLE LOVE were able to offer with this massive album."


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