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Parallelus - David Peacock (1xLP Vinyl Record)


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1xLP 45 RPM audiophile black vinyl.
Artwork by Leon Tukker. Design and Layout by Rozen.

Featuring seven lush orchestral arrangements, Parallelus breathes new life into Yasunori Mitsuda's timeless classic. Known for his arrangements and orchestrations on Hero of TimeJohto Legends, and the Undertale and Pokémon Red/Blue Piano Collections albums, Parallelus is one of David Peacock's biggest undertakings to date with live strings, piano, woodwinds, banjo, and more.

"I wanted to celebrate the music of Chrono Cross in a way that fans deserve, while also getting the opportunity to collaborate and feature some of my favorite musicians.

It was important to me that each musician got a chance to showcase their own personality, so there are many opportunities for improvisation throughout the album. The album is full of nods to the Chrono series and characters within that I think will be exciting for people to discover." - 
David Peacock, arranger


Track List

Side A

01. Dreamwatch of Time 03:05
02. Another Termina 03:36
03. Frozen Flame 04:17
04. Prisoners of Fate 04:54

Side B

01. Chronopolis 05:37
02. Dragon God 03:55
03. Life ~Faraway Promise~ 04:27

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