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The Keyblade War - Rozen + Reven (2xLP Vinyl Record)

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Grab the album on vinyl in a 2xLP set, including a Black & Gold to Smoke vinyl and a Silver & Sky Blue Clear vinyl. (Actual vinyl color shade may vary from the images.) Design by Rozen and Isa Alcántara. Main album artwork by Anato Finnstark.


Side A
1. Destati
2. Dearly Beloved
3. Simple and Clean
4. Between Light and Dark

Side B 
1. Princess of Heart ~Kairi~
2. Sanctuary ~After the Battle~
3. Promise
4. No. i ~Interlude~

Side C
1. Organization XIII
2. Hollow Bastion
3. Face My Fears
4. Master vs. Master
5. The Final World

Side D
1. Darkness
2. Don't Think Twice
3. The Keyblade War

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