NieR: Automata Piano Pieces (Official Score Book) - Keiichi Okabe (Sheet Music - Japanese)


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An official piano piece collection containing the songs of "NieR: Automata" released by Square Enix.

Not only "Weight of the World" but also many popular songs are included.
Following on from "Nier Gestalt" and "Nier Replicant", the music will be delivered under the supervision of the music by the writers of the sound creator group "MONACA" including the composer Keiichi Okabe.


Contains 28 songs
Listed Songs
  1. Remains Saleta Place / Oblique Light
  2. Peaceful Sleep
  3. Memories of dust
  4. Raw male intention
  5. Amusement park
  6. A Beautiful Song
  7. Voice of no Return / Guitar
  8. Grandma / Destruction
  9. Emil / Shop
  10. Treasured time
  11. Vague Hope / Ice Rain
  12. Weight of the World (English Version)
  13. End of the Unknown
  14. Pascal
  15. All Tewo Destruction Suru Kuroki Giant / Monster
  16. Copied City
  17. Wretched Weapon
  18. Mourning
  19. Dependent Weak
  20. Rebirth hope
  21. War & War
  22. Vague Hope / Midori
  23. Song of the Ancients / Atonement
  24. Emil / despair
  25. Faltering Prayer / Starry Sky
  26. Alien Manifestation
  27. "Tower"
  28. The Sound of the End

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