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BattleTech Collector's Edition Score Book (PHYSICAL Sheet Music)

BattleTech Collector's Edition Score Book (PHYSICAL Sheet Music)

Materia Editions

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Dive in to the harrowing civil warfare of BattleTech with this in-depth score book, featuring the game's prominent themes by Jon Everist.

Track list:

  1. For All Mankind
  2. Restoration (Start Menu)
  3. The Great Betrayal
  4. Coronation Day
  5. Umbra
  6. I Didn't Know
  7. Who Will Watch the Watchers
  8. The Argo
  9. Flux
  10. For the Reach
  11. BattleTech Quartet

Physical printed orchestral sheet music book. This product does not include digital sheet music, or the soundtrack album. Contains identical tracklist/arrangements as digital version.

Produced by Materia Editions/Materia Collective. Transcriptions and engraving by David Peacock. Cover art by Łukasz Sienkiewicz. Product and layout design by Rozen.