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BattleTech Collector's Edition Score Book (DIGITAL Sheet Music)

Materia Editions

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Digital sheet music featuring the original orchestrations from the game by composer Jon Everist. Contains identical tracklist/arrangements as physical version. Will be delivered as PDF to email within 1-2 business days after purchasing. Please note that the page size is 9x12.

Track list:

  1. For All Mankind (Opening Cinematic)
  2. Restoration (Start Menu)
  3. The Great Betrayal
  4. Coronation Day
  5. Umbra
  6. I Didn't Know
  7. Who Will Watch the Watchers
  8. The Argo
  9. Flux
  10. For the Reach
  11. BattleTech Quartet

Produced by Materia Editions/Materia Collective. Transcriptions and engraving by David Peacock. Cover art by Łukasz Sienkiewicz. Product and layout design by Rozen.